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Midway Activities

Midway welcomes you to a fun-filled 2024 season.

Hours of operation, prices, and attraction information are here to help you plan your visit.

Friends of Midway State Park

The Friends of Midway State Park is a nonprofit organization launched in 2010 whose mission is to work with the State of New York to promote, preserve, maintain, and financially support this historic amusement park that has been enjoyed by children of all ages since 1898. The Friends pursue this mission by:

  • Serving as ambassadors and advocates for the park in the wider community by recruiting friends and volunteers, developing corporate and community partners, and networking with the talent and enthusiasm that is needed to keep the park relevant and vital.
  • Raising funds to support specific projects through membership, donations, events, grant writing, and other fund development efforts.
  • Striving through volunteer service to preserve, maintain, and interpret the park's historic character and beauty.

The Friends of Midway State Park works with the State of New York and a growing family of park enthusiasts and supporters to preserve, protect, and restore this historic amusement park on Chautauqua Lake. New York State's Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation encourages and supports the formation of "Friends" nonprofits for state parks and historic sites to add to the resources and volunteers that are available for preservation, restoration, maintenance, and support of park activities. If Midway Park has offered you fun an memories that occupy a special place in your life, and if you want to play a role in preserving this timeless local resource, please join us to pursue the bold mission of this nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration and celebration of Midway Park.

During our fourteen years of operation, the Friends of Midway State Park has:

  • Partnered for the purchase and restoration of the 1948 Eli Bridge Ferris Wheel and the 1960 Herschell Twister ride.
  • Planned and constructed the new Putt-A-Round Chautauqua mini-golf course.
  • Restored the Chautauqua Choo-Choo MTC G-16 miniature train.
  • Acquired and displayed a restored 1957 Pony Tractor vintage ride from the 1950s.
  • Partnered in the full restoration of the 1946 Herschell Carousel roundhouse shelter and its horsesCreated widespread interest in the long-term restoration and beautification of Midway State Park.